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Boulogne-Sur-Mer Rapid Chess - July 23rd

Salle MAES
Allèe Flaubert
62200 Boulogne sur Mer
(beside the "Place Damrémont")

Mick Croft Winners - By Graeme Boxall

The Mick Croft Cup final between Bridge and Woodnesborough at Bridge last night resulted in the following score: Bridge 2.5 - Woodnesborough 2.5
Under the Rules for resolving draws bottom board elimination removed the Bridge win on board 5, leaving the adjusted score at: Bridge 1.5 - Woodnesborough 2.5
Woodnesborough are thus the worthy winners of the tenth season of the Mick Croft Cup.

Bridge won the toss and elected for white on the odd-numbered boards.

Board 4 finished first, with a win for Woodnesborough, followed by board 5 with a win for Bridge.

Board 3 ended in a draw after the Bridge queen was able to secure a draw by perpetual check to hold off the progress of two linked Woodnesborough passed pawns, already on their fifth and sixth ranks.

Then board 2 ended in a Woodnesborough resignation.

Scores now stood at Bridge 2.5, Woodnesborough 1.5 A draw on board 1 would do nicely for Bridge, but Woodnesborough needed to win it.

And Woodnesborough was in time trouble on board 1, but now with Bridge rapidly eating up its time advantage (which had been in excess of 30 minutes). In the closing stages, with a Bridge passed pawn blocked on a7, and a pair of linked Woodnesborough passed pawns on their 5th and 6th ranks the Bridge clock finally overtook the Woodnesborough clock on their race to the bottom, giving Woodnesborough the board 1 game with just 21 seconds in hand.

So the match score was drawn, and bottom board elimination applied.

The Mick Croft Cup was handed over to Harry Sharples, and is thus under the first change of management since 2011.

Pictured are John Thorley, Dennis Stokes-Carter, Mark Towlson & Harry Sharples. David Erwee was also in the team, but is not pictured.

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The Dilworth Makes a Comeback

The open defence to the Ruy Lopez is defined by Black's grabbing of the e-pawn after the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Nxe4 . Contrary to initial appearances, it is Black who usually ends up with active play. In return White secures a "structural advantage". The extent of this "structural advantage" depends on your attitude to dynamic advantages secures at the expense of structure. Some classical players from the 1920s might think that some positions are structurally disastrous whereas in practice these positions are often more than tenable and moreover offer great potential for dynamic counterplay.

Leon's Recent Blitz win with the Dilworth on the Dilworth Variation

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World Championship Match - 2016

Carlson Karjakin

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Budapest Gambit with ...Ne4

Black's last move was ...b6 Black's rating is over 2400. Is there a way to exploit the loose pieces. John Nunn "LPDO" ( Loose Pieces Drop Off ) Is this a case in point?

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ChaosTheory v Bazmaniac Budapest Gambit
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Herne Bay v Folkestone - December 1st 2015

Folkestone narrowly won an eventful match at Herne Bay.

Black carelessly placed his queen on the same horizontal line as White's. How did white (Mathew Cussens exploit this?

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